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mozCalc is a localized (NEW: Spanish - thanx to Luis Fernandez!) desktop calculator application allowing for both input in "standard" and reverse polish notation. For now it is a simple one, doing arithmetic operations and common math (eg. trigonometry). Yet it tries to use the power of XUL and RDF to implement an enhanced UI (eg. a sidebar showing the contents of the memory and skinning).


  • integration in Mozilla (via Tasks/Tools-menu)
  • localized (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish)
  • reverse polish notation mode
  • common arithmetic operations (incl. reciprocal and percentage)
  • common functions (square root, trigonometry and logarithms)
  • copy and paste to and from the system clipboard
  • memory management (10 slots)
  • result history

2002-10-13 Spanish translation (0.4.5 for NS 6.x).
2002-04-14 Online version (0.4.4 for NS 6.x).
2002-03-16 Bug fix release (0.4.3 for NS 6.x).
2002-03-09 Italian translation (0.4.2a for NS 6.x).
2002-03-01 Mozilla sidebar integration (0.4.2 for NS 6.x).
2001-10-29 Result history and French translation (0.4.1 for NS 6.x).
2001-05-28 XUL rehaul for Mozilla 0.9 (0.4.0).
2001-05-02 reverse polish notation and skins (0.3.2).
2001-04-15 Nth root and faculty (0.3.1).
2001-04-03 Trigonometry and logarithms (0.3.0).
2001-03-23 Fixing the bug fix (0.2.1a).
2001-03-21 Bug fix release (0.2.1).
2001-03-12 Common functions: sqrt, 1/x, % (0.2.0).
2001-03-07 Memory functionality (0.1.2).
2001-03-05 Setup of mailing list and bug tracking.
2001-03-01 Menu and copy/paste functionality (0.1.1).
2001-02-21 First installable version (0.1).
2001-02-16 Basic setup of the project site by Martin Kutschker.

The mozcalc project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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